Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct

The document has been approved by the Young Arts Fundraisers committee and Glenys Garth-Thornton, Head of Professional Development, CIOF and RAISE.

Any queries relating to this document should be addressed to…

About Young Arts Fundraisers

Young Arts Fundraisers (YAF) values collaboration and encourages attendees at events and participants in our workshops or programmes to engage and contribute in order to foster a dynamic and creative sharing of ideas and experience. This may include asking questions when invited to and offering constructive counterpoints as part of an open discussion. 


Our commitment to safeguarding

YAF is a delivery partner of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIOF). Therefore, this Code of Conduct, and any subsequent reporting procedures, align with those of the CIOF. As a delivery partner, YAF is accountable to the CIOF’s Complaints Procedure and Code of Behaviour. Participants and those who engage with YAF events and programmes can avail themselves of this process. 

YAF is committed to creating a welcoming and safe environment both for online and in-person events, and will not tolerate discrimination, disrespectful behaviour, bullying or harassment in any form. We support a culture of reciprocal respect and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form. 

We are committed to creating and maintaining the same protection, and safest possible environment, for people of all ages (including young people or adults at risk of harm), genders, sexual orientation or identity, racial heritage, religious beliefs and cultures, health conditions, those with or without disabilities, and from any model of family life. 


Who this policy applies to

Our safeguarding policy and guidelines recognise our duty to actively safeguard the welfare of those that we work with, creating an inclusive environment that is free from harassment, bullying and discrimination.

This Code of Conduct applies to anyone who engages with the YAF programme, including but not limited to:

YAF intends that this policy and contained procedures must be followed by all members of the YAF committee, event speakers, mentors, mentees, participants, event attendees and anyone else participating in YAF’s activities. This document acknowledges that abuse exists and can present itself in many different forms including physical, emotional, neglect and sexual. It also acknowledges that abuse can be perpetrated by anyone. The procedures outlined in this policy will allow all involved in the work of YAF to make informed and confident responses to specific safeguarding issues. 


How we will do this

YAF follows CIOF’s principles of safeguarding, which are:


Designated Safeguarding Officer 

The overall responsibility for safeguarding lies with the YAF Directors, who have been appointed as Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSO). Their contact details can be found below.

The role of the DSO is to lead on safeguarding for Young Arts Fundraisers. This will include: 

The following will not be tolerated by YAF and will not be tolerated, and anyone displaying such behaviour(s) will be removed (in the case of an online event) or asked to leave (in the case of an in-person event):


Reporting inappropriate behaviour

If you experience harassment or discrimination of any form while participating in any YAF activity, or if you witness or are made aware that someone else may be affected by inappropriate behaviour, you should contact YAF leadership via this online form: 


<Link to online form>


All reports will be treated in the strictest confidence and investigated in accordance with the CIOF’s disciplinary and complaints procedures. 

Directors Contact Details